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Theory Of Change

Our theory of change is that we will move the metrics of the social determinants of health by meeting the needs of individuals as defined by Maslow's Hierarchy of Need. Healthy young people will then funnel wholeness into their community to heal it from within. As we meet those needs poverty, mental health crisis, jail offenses, and human trafficking will decrease. Then a cycle of young people that no longer have a poverty mindset, but have a mindset of growth will build up the next generation.


The physiological needs are being met by direct access to locally grown food and connections to resources for shelter and weather appropriate clothes. The need of safety is met by providing workforce support and connection to hospitals for wellness needs. The need of loving and belonging is met by supporting deep connections with family and faith based organizations. As young people are taking leadership positions they are growing in esteem. Our final deliverable annually feature the creativity, purpose, and potential of these young people.

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